Everything-World also we call it Eve-world, is a one-stop online shopping platform for all of your needs. Eve-World is the first multi-products and services marketplace. Our vision is to provide multiple products and services through a single online platform. We started with the prime focus towards, Fashion and Beauty, Home Appliances and Electronics, Products for daily needs with other main verticals.

Eve-World has transformed conventional online shopping to the modern and convenient shopping experience by providing instant fulfilment to all your shopping needs. It has now aiming to offer customers the products which can improve and contribute to their daily needs, lifestyle, health, and beauty.

Our vision continues to develop and adapt to the necessities of every customer with the aid of constantly streamlining internet site and developing a wide range of quality products. All these ends result in a best online shop that offers straightforward buying journey to each of its customers.

We always endeavour to have an incredible impact on our shoppers. Maintaining their trust and needs is always a priority. Our speciality is to deliver your demands on-time-every-time. Eve-World allows online shopping for multiple products such as lifestyle, skincare and beauty, health and fitness, home appliances, electronics, and many more at one-stop-online-shop.

Our Brand Story:

Everything-World was established in UAE, in 2019 and founded by Mr Jordan and Mr Phanuel, with the dedication, carried from their home country Belgium and France respectively. Our founders are smart, diligent individuals with distinctive backgrounds and goals. Today, we provide a complete online shopping experience to our all customers. We believe that you should never have to compromise on your needs and the quality we deliver. Therefore, we offer a wide range of products and services to cater to all your needs. Our mission is to fulfil all your needs at your convenience.